I’ve always been a curious guy, as a kid I used to take my toys apart just to see how they worked. This curiosity has led me down the path of Civil Engineering, where I could apply my love for designing and solving architectural challenges. I’m also a music lover and guitar player, in college I started repairing guitars and soon I was also building them. This has given me the tools and knowledge in woodworking.

I’ve been a table tennis player for some time, but made a break in the sport after leaving University. After getting back to the game a few years ago I was struggling to find the right blade for me after so many changes to the game. Having a background in woodworking, I decided to build my own blades. At first they were really crud, but soon I polished my skills and the results were getting better and better. The feedback from my team-mates was great and some started asking for custom blades. As time went by I started getting more requests, as well as making my own experiments with different compositions. And here we are, my skills improved a lot since that first blade and I can confidently say that the quality of my blades is up there with the best of them.