Composite Fibers

All reinforcement fibers have a role of enlarging the sweet spot of a blade, while at the same time providing more stiffness and hardness without a radical increase in weight. Different types of fibers produce different results, but the density and weave pattern of the cloth is also of major importance.

  • Glass-Fiber (GF) – The most subtle reinforcement fiber. Useful if you wish to maintain a woody feeling.

  • Basalt-Fiber (BF) – Performance wise it is similar to typical Carbon fiber, however it feels slightly softer so it's more suitable for a spin based game.

  • Diolen-Fiber (DF) – Diolen is a high tenacity polyester fiber, it has a really soft feeling and provides some vibration damping along with a small increase in sweetspot. Speed increase is minimal compared to other fibers.

  • Carbon-Fiber (CF) – The classic reinforcement fiber. Provides the biggest speed increase but compromises the feeling of the blade due to the increase in hardness.

  • Super Carbon-Fiber (SCF) – The same as Carbon-fiber but in a heavier and denser weave pattern so the results are more pronounced.

  • Textreme Carbon (TC) – A very thin and light weight carbon-fiber reinforcement. This is a good option for those seeking the typical carbon fiber feel, but still retaining the wooden characteristics of the blade.

  • Aramid-Fiber (AF) – This is a soft fiber that provides a good feeling, suitable for spin and control play.

  • Aramid-Carbon (AC) – Aramid weaved with carbon. Mixes the properties of these two fibers so there is an optimal increase in speed and spin while maintaining a relatively soft feeling. Slightly harder and faster than VC.

  • Super Aramid-Carbon (SAC)- The same as AC but in a heavier and denser weave pattern so the results are more pronounced.

  • Innegra-Carbon (IC) – Very light fiber that has a softer feeling than AC. Provides a very good spin/control relation with an increase in speed and sweetspot.

  • Vectran-Carbon (VC) – Commonly known as ALC.

  • Zylon-Carbon (ZC) – Similar to AC but it provides a bigger increase in speed, harder feeling and bigger sweet spot.

  • Super Zylon-Carbon (SZC) -Denser weave than ZC, provides even a bigger increase in speed and sweet spot.